May 7th – Hendrik & Theo doing IP22-tests on machine

May 4th – Test machines set up in the lab. Also: electronic board v2, and interior of machine

May 1st – 7th – Jef, Theo & Hendrik working on the bellows for version 2; silicone injection-moulded under vacuum.

April 25th – Thomas & Rayan implementing the oxygen mixing system in version 1.5

April 16th – Interface update & test graphsApril 16th – Interface update & test graphs

April 14th-16th – Assembling the Series 1 test machines.

April 13th – Endurance tests on the reusable Ambu bags

April 10th – Taking delivery of 50 assembled frames of Series 1 machines from Audi Brussels

Demo video (April 4th)

Prototype 7 & 8 (Last model before Beta Series 1, April 2nd) –
Controls moved to PC , pressure, flow and volume monitored.
Pressure curve fully configurable (Ppeak, Ramp, IE)

Vince demonstrating breathing detection by pulling on test lung

Development & prototyping work