Version 1:

was rapidly developed in March-April 2020.

  • was rapidly developed by a large team of students, alumni & doctorandi at the VUB, with support from Flanders Make & industry
  • was developed and built in a small series between March 14th and April 20th, in answer to a call for a projected need for emergency ventilators in Belgium
  • is built around a reusable ambu bag, actuated by a DAF or VOLVO windscreen wiper motor
  • uses parts and sensors from non-medical industries, that are available in large quantities without competing with the production of existing machines
  • has a 3D-printed sensor module, with pressure and flow sensors.
  • uses an Arduino-based motherboard
  • is controlled through a graphical interface on a laptop, where the laptop and the motherboard serve as each others watchdog
  • uses 3D-printed and lasercut parts, to allow for rapid manufacturing