Version numbering

Prototype 0.1 and 0.2 – Machine with stepper-based winch, underpowered

Prototype 0.3 – Machine with Maxon motors, difficult to source

Prototype 0.4 – First machine with windscreen wiper motor
-Control loop development prototype, with pressure & flow sensor

Prototype 0.5 -First machine with aluminium chassis:
-Volvo motor
-waterjet-cut chassis in 6mm aluminium

Prototype 0.8 – Final prototype before beta series:
-DAF motor & inductive limit switches
-motor insulated from frame

Series 1.0 -Beta series, built at Audi Brussels. Industrial prototypes.

Prototype 1.2 – Machine with on-board oxygen mixing implemented

Version 2.0 – Machine with custom bellows and oxygen mixing system, developed in small series in-house