AUTHOR: Lieven Standaert Date: 01/08/2020


The bellows was designed to deliver up to 1l Vt.
The maximum Vt delivered is to be measured and verified against the Fluke VT900 gas flow analyser.
Accuracy of the flow sensor needs to be verified with the new sensor housings.


A version2 machine with silicone bellows was used, with firmware 3.67 and version2 of the sensor module.
A low RR=13 and a high Peak Pressure=55cmH20 was selected in the GUI to trigger a full stroke of the bellows.
The machine was attached to the Quicklung test lung & the volume was measured with the Fluke VT900 gas flow analyser.


The gas flow analyser shows a maximum Vt of 998 mL.

Thze GUI shows 1096ml while the GUI shows 1096 ml.


Maximum volume measured was 996ml, which verifies the estimated 1l capacity.
The flow sensor code of the machine measures a value +-10% too high. This has since been corrected.