Author: Mohamed Ben Tato
Date: 20/07/2020
Machine number: 2.03


This test simulated a fully open solenoid valve.The purpose of the test is to see if the patient remains ventilated when the open valve fails and to test the flow rate of the pressure relief valve.The relief valve must have a sufficient flow rate to remove the excess oxygen.


The solenoid valve was supplied with 24 volts so that it would remain open during the test while the machine is operating normally. 20% FIO2 during test.

Preset settings on machine:

– Pressure set by means of the regulator to 5 bar

– Pressure relief valve set at 10 cmH2O

– PEEP valve set at 15 cmH2O

– Flow restrictor of 2.3 mm provides a flow rate of 130 l / min

Settings set on the GUI:

– PEEP set at 10 cmH2O – FIO2 = 19%

– Respiratory rate = 20

– I / E = 1: 2.0


– The excess oxygen was discharged through the relief valve

– The oxygen sensor gave a value of 98% FIO2

– Machine continues to work

– Oxygen reservoir remains full

– PEEP rises to 15 cmH2O

Screenshot before the test:

Screenshot during the test:


– The GUI has not given an alarm, this should be fixed