April 1st

The pc-interface is working.
Not the final graphical design, but we basically control the pump from a touch screen or keyboard now

This is amazing work from Thomas Van Den Dries & Tom Bruyneel, Frank Vanbever, Stein Crispel, Laurent Segers, Branimir & all 

Video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/UnNw3LmDGuY6QVMTA

Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/8dyWrT299qnPVCM59

Flow curve is missing on the screen, but we have the data. Flow sensor drift has been solved. User can control Vt, RR, IE, Ppeak, ramp time and can set alarm ranges on the measured values.

Computer gives alarm if microcontroller stops working and vice versa. There are no more push buttons.

It has become clear the machines will not be needed in Belgium. 
We are continuing the project, but there will not be 1000’s built in Belgium .

It also means fast-track certification in Belgium is off the table, since no need.

We have started a run of 50 with the help of Audi Brussels; we are definitely skipping a few steps and expect these beta-models to need fixes, but we will have enough to send out for testing. We expect to have those build by the end of next week
(IF the PCB’s we ordered work without dramatic mistakes,
otherwise at least one week later)

We will be putting a group on getting the documentation organised, so we can get clean files out to teams in other countries.

Ronald has set up a group in Montreal, and we also got a request to share files with Sannio University (Italy).
We also sent them the dropbox archive from the day before.

Everything is changing quickly, so we will have to reorient next weekend, but we have every intention to finish the project and get to a reliable, functional and open-source machine.

Best, Lieven